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Time for another Every Gen Chat. Our resident experts once again are  Eleanor McCallum – Granny Blogger,  yours truly Carol Bremner – non-techie online marketing specialist, new member Gail Richardson – Joint Venture Partner and Affiliate Marketer, Bridget Greenwood – photographer and model train enthusiast, Melanie Bremner – Content Queen and virtual assistant, and Kyle Greenwood – Mac computer specialist.

Today’s question for our panel is:
What is your most productive time of the day and why?

My most productive time of the day is just after a late breakfast or early lunch. I seem to work better when I’m not hungry. Anyway, I have been monitoring my abilities and appear to be able to work on my website or blog posts at one of those times and can carry out most of my plans then. Another time that my brain seems to think I should be working is at about 2am when I should be sleeping. If I get up and make a note of any idea I have, then I can go back to sleep again. This doesn’t happen every night but only once in a while.

Eleanor McCallum – senior blogger


My most productive time of the day is from 4- 6 AM. This is my most productive time of the day because it is when I feel my best and my brain is therefore at its best.

Gail J Richardson – certified JV Broker


My most productive time of the day is 10am- noon. I am not a morning person and even though I do get up early, I need a few hours to sit around and drink my coffee and read before I feel motivated to work. In the afternoon my brain is a little more sleepy and I feel stiff from too much sitting so I try to do more physical chores or exercise in the afternoon. I have another burst of productivity from 4-5pm. It is really hard to make myself focus on work during my productive times because it is also when I feel the most energized to complete a lot of housework nor other non work related products.

Bridget Greenwood at


My most productive time of the day is from 9am-11am. This is when my 2 boys are quiet, watching cartoons and playing nicely. I also have another 2 hour time slot around 4pm-6pm when I can do some more work without interruption. I find I have the most energy and focus in the morning so really need to harness that as best I can.

Melanie Bremner at


My most productive time of the day is between 8 PM and 10 PM. That is the time for me that my son and wife are in bed and I am up alone with nothing else to do but online work. I get almost all of my graphic design, emails, website maintenance, and my hobby After Effects and 3D design work done.

Kyle Greenwood – Mac specialist


And my answer: My most productive time of the day is from 10 am to noon. I’ve had my coffee and my personal time and use those two hours to focus on my most important tasks. During that time, I don’t answer phones or allow interruptions. I also don’t check my email or any social media platforms until after I’ve had that focused work time.

There you have our thoughts. When is your most productive time and why?
I’m looking forward to your answers – Carol


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