My New Webinar Series

After a few years off, I’ve started doing weekly webinars again. Now that I’m not using GoToWebinar anymore it’s been a bit of a rocky start using less familiar platforms.

The first webinar was done using ClickMeeting, but it’s fairly complicated if you want to show your screen or a presentation. So now I’m using Zoom, which I find a little easier.

Here are the first two webinars. The series is called FEE, which stands for Foundation, Expertise, and Exposure – the three pillars to share your story online.

The sound is a bit low in the overview webinar, much better in the second one. Let me know anything you would like me to cover in future sessions or any questions re the content so far.

I also have the updated for 2019 version of my booklet about choosing domain names and website hosting.  It will give you a visual plus some extra tips to go along with the second video listed here. You can get the booklet by clicking here:  2019 Domains and Hosting

FEE Overview – Foundation, Expertise, and Exposure

FEE – Foundation – Domain Names and Hosting


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FEE – Foundation – Domain Names and Hosting

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