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workshopWhat happens when the in-person meetings and events are cancelled? The answer is virtual conference rooms, such as Zoom.

These days I am on Zoom almost every day. I host a drop-in three nights a week and a ladies group one afternoon, as well as Zoom sessions I get invited to.  Often when we have a bigger group it takes some thought about what we can do to interact and have fun during our times together. We’ve learned a lot by trial and error.  For instance, the Chat feature will only be seen by the people who are in the same room, so if you try to chat with someone who is in a breakout room, they won’t see it.

After seeing some of the struggles people have getting used to using Zoom and all of the features, I  decided to create some videos to help you along. As well as the how-to, in one of the videos I mention some of the ideas we’ve used to engage with one another, including use of the breakout rooms.

Getting Started With Zoom

As well, if you find that you still need a little more help with things like joining Zoom from a mobile phone or tablet,  more about the whiteboard or the breakout rooms, I am in the process of creating a full Zoom course for you that will be available soon.

If you need a little hand holding while you host a zoom session,  please let me know by filling out the contact form.

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Getting Started With Zoom

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