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computer screenIt’s been a while since I posted, although I have still been busy creating video tutorials. I’ve done four more and didn’t realize that I hadn’t told you about them yet.

If you’ve started using the Screencastomatic software, one of the tutorials shows you how to edit the videos you create.  In another, I talk about some of the questions I’m asked by my Udemy students. I also talk about some other free sites and tools you might like to try. The Hustle and Haro are both great for keeping up with current trends and what people are looking for. And in one of the videos I mention here I tried out the Headliner app – it was fun but I need more practice.

There are so many tools that I lose track sometimes and forget about them, even the ones I really like. For instance, that image above was created at a fun little site that I can’t for the life of me remember where I found it. If you have any suggestions to help me remember, I’d love to hear. And let me know what you think of these:

The Hustle and Haro to Keep Up-To-Date

Questions Asked By Udemy Students

Headliner App – Learn With Me

Editing Screencastomatic software




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The Hustle and Haro to Keep Up-To-Date

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