Organizing Your Website Content

This morning I did something that I wish I’d started when I first began writing my blog. I set up a simple table with a column for categories and another for post titles. I debated whether to include one with the date of the post, but since the table is in chronological order, decided against it. Then I added the information from each of my articles into the table. Since I had 69 posts, it took a little while. Now, every time I write something new on my site, I’ll also add it to the table I’ve created.

This means I no longer have to wonder whether I’ve written on a topic or not. I can see at a glance if a subject needs some updated information and which topics are being neglected. I’ve also got a handy list that I can use to develop ideas for a presentation, workshop, or even a book.

Some of my other blogs have been gathering content for five years or more, so they will really take some time to organize. I encourage you to find a method such as this one to keep track of your website. It doesn’t take long to build up your content, even if you don’t add information often. What other ways have you found to manage your online presence?


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