Who Cares

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Notes from this podcast episode:

  • Portion from ‘The Finishing Touch’ by Charles Swindoll, called ‘Who Cares’.
  • Tells the story of a derelict who was found on the streets and later died
  • The surprising name of who that drunken bum really was. I won’t spoil it for you, you’ll have to listen to the podcast
  • The story reminded Mr Swindoll of a poem about stooping down and restoring a lost soul’s glimmer of hope.
  • Deep within many a forgotten life is a scrap of hope trying hard to return.

Because of my volunteering at the homeless shelter and the women’s prison, I know how hard it is for many people to realize that life is still worth living, no matter how much we may have messed up. I hope this story encourages you to care.

Have a great week and take the time to smile at others,

Bright, Shiny Objects

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Sorry that this Monday Motivation is going out on Tuesday. I spent the day with visiting family yesterday and was too tired to turn my computer on when I got home.

Notes From This Episode:

What are bright, shiny objects?
My experience with them and all my excuses
Intentions are not enough
How I’m trying to focus and deal with those distractions

Have a great week and enjoy your family,

Lessons From the Ditchdigger’s Daughters

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Notes From This Episode:

My motivation for today is from a book that was later made into a movie.

  • In 1950s, father was a ditchdigger and mother a cleaning lady and they had six daughters.
  • He wanted them to have a good education and a better life.
  • Believed always something more to strive for – if you think you’ve made it, you lose it.
  • Choose your rabbits and chase after them, see what others have done to be successful – my experience with chasing a rabbit.
  • Working hard is a law like the law of gravity and will result in success.
  • The results of their hard work.
  • The father always said “If the door doesn’t open, climb through a window. If the window is closed, try to get in through the cellar. If that’s locked, climb on the roof and try to get in the chimney. There’s always a way if you keep trying.”
  • What dream are you trying to achieve?

I believe in you, have a great day,

Finding Your Potential

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Show Notes From This Episode:
Get out of your comfort zone because people need what you know.

Take a big sheet of paper and list the following:

  • All the things, large or small, that you know how to do. They might be easy for you, but not for everyone.
  • All the experiences you have.
  • All the things you are often asked to do.
  • All the things people think you are good at.

I mention a lot of examples of experiences and skills you may have to get you thinking. Ways you can help people because of your expertise and experiences. There are also a number of ideas in this podcast for getting your story out to people and ways to do that using Internet tools.

Note: I didn’t mention it on the podcast, but if you want to do the one on one live training that I mentioned, I recommend using Zoom. You can even use it to train a group. Zoom is a great tool and gives you not only a video recording of your session, but an audio one as well.

Here’s to using all the potential God has given you,

P.S. I wrote a new Productivity Guide if you’re interested. Click here to learn more.

Benefit of Change

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Notes from this episode:

If you’re feeling under the weather, you need to take time off and rest, but it might be hard to get motivated again. This is how I got away from the computer, did something new, and changed my environment.

If you’re stuck and not sure how to get going again, try a different routine and see if it helps.

Enjoying life,