Attention Technically Challenged
Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

 Share Your Expertise With a Focused Newspaper/Newsletter

Paper.liHi, Carol Bremner here again, and I  have another non-techie solution for you.

  • Do you want to be known as an expert resource, but don’t have a lot of time to keep up with the ever-changing world of online marketing? What about a curated online newspaper?
  • Has it been too long since you contacted your community? Want an easy way to send a weekly newsletter to your email list?

I have the perfect solution for you!

With this video series called “ Profits”, I’ve put together over 40 step-by step videos (when you include the bonuses), covering everything from creating your account, through customizing your paper, quick editing tips, and sending your focused paper out to your social media channels and as a custom newsletter to your email list.

People are searching online for exactly what you have to offer! Are you ready to provide it? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, your time is limited and you want what you do to count. That’s where these videos can help.


Newspaper/Newsletter Productivity
For the Time and Technology Challenged

There were  37 videos in this series when we started, with more being added every time there is an update or change with (or I think of a new tactic to use your paper). The course will take you through the beginning of getting set up on to the best ways of curating content and sending it out to your community.

In these short, recorded sessions, I’ll take you over each of the components of a custom, focused paper, with tips on saving the most time curating your content.

At the end of this course, you’ll have a customized paper you can be proud to share. You’ll have a banner header and ads as further promotion methods. And you’ll be able to send a regular newsletter to your email list faster than you can drink a cup of coffee!

We cover the following topics, in a clear and easily understood manner:

Getting Started With

  • What is
  •   Registering and Logging In
  •   Decisions To Make
  •   Differences Between Free and Paid
  •   Adding Your Profile and Photo
  •   Adding An Editor’s Note

Adding Content:

  •   Content Categories
  •   Adding Content From Twitter
  •   Adding Content From Facebook and Google+
  •   Adding Youtube Channels and RSS Feeds
  •   Positioning or Deleting Content Sources
  •   Filtering Content Sources
  •   Using the Tool to Add Content

Customizing Your Paper:

  •   Changing Colors and Fonts
  •   Adding a Background
  •   Adding a Paper Thumbnail
  •   Custom Banners
  •   Custom Headers and Footers
  •   Creating a Custom Domain
  •   Adding a Favicon
  •   CSS Capability
  •   Other Paid Options: Privacy, Co-editors, Embedding

Layout and Ads:

  •   The Twitter Widget
  •   Email and Facebook Widgets
  •   RSS Feed Option
  •   Putting Ads in Your Paper
  •   Adding Video and Other Content to the Sidebar
  •   Using Google Analytics

Editing Your Paper:

  •   Removing Content
  •   Blacklisting Content Sources
  •   Moving Content
  •   Adding Content to Headlines
  •   Re-positioning or Removing Headlines

Publishing Your Paper:

  •   Customizing Your Social Media Announcements
  •   Sending Out Notifications
  •   Customizing an HTML Newsletter
  •   Sending Your HTML Newsletter Out With a Third Party Email Service

At least 37 video tutorials and another 7 bonus videos, plus the webinar recording. 45 in all!
And whenever I find information about that I think will be a benefit to you, I’ll add that as well. When makes any changes to its platform, this course will keep you up-to-date. So there will be even more content!

You’ll come away from the sessions knowing how to customize your paper and make the most efficient use of your time. And you won’t be spending your days trying to figure out how to curate focused content that shows what an expert you are. I’ve already spent hours figuring out the best ways for a non-techie to create a great looking paper.  That alone is worth the cost of these video modules!

Here’s what some of our attendees have to say about my training sessions:

“You have a wonderful way of giving valuable information in a simple, no-rush manner. ”
– Sheri Smith

“It takes a lot of time to research the information and since I work a full time job, a part time job and am trying to build our business, this makes it a lot easier for me.” – Donna Bullis

You can access this complete course for as little as $50.00
Your education is worth many times more!

Added bonuses when you purchase this course:

  • Private Facebook Group so you can brainstorm ways to use to stand out from the crowd. I’ll be there every day to answer your questions as well.
  • Seven videos with ideas for making money, building exposure, and driving traffic with your paper. (As well as a report by that name, these videos explain each of the ideas)
  • A follow-up webinar (which has already been recorded) to address any of your concerns.

Don’t waste your energy trying to create all of your own content. Instead, become a valued resource and a trusted expert by curating information that will save your community time.

Yes, Carol, I’m ready to get started with my own online newspaper.
I’m not listening to the lies that I need to be a techie anymore!

Go ahead and click the image below and you’ll be taken to the course. I’m hosting this course on the Udemy platform. That way you’ll have easy access to all of the information for as long as you like. And if you find that you need some one on one help, use the contact page on my site to request that option. Profits

All the best in your online marketing
Carol Bremner

P.S. Why spend hours trying to become known as an expert in your field when you can use technology to help you get there!