PC or Mac Computer: Which Do You Use?

Today’s question for our panel is:
“Do you use a Mac computer or a PC and why?”. Here are our answers:

I probably would prefer a Mac however I have been using a PC for all of my work. I tried a Mac out once and found the features to be many and varied. When I buy my next computer it may be a Mac but the more expensive price will have to be considered.
Right now I have a Sony Vaio as my constant travelling companion and I just love it.

Eleanor McCallum


I use a PC. I am so comfortable using my PC and all my programs that work with it. I am not ready to change and learn something new. I don’t see a reason or a benefit to switching to a Mac right now.

Bridget at PhotosbyBridget.net


I use a PC. When I used to work for the University of Toronto though, I used a MAC as most schools seem to prefer them. They are good systems and great for those who are doing graphic design. I find the learning curve with them can be a little harder as well as they can also be a little more expensive to purchase so those are the two primary reasons why I use a PC today.

Melanie at MelanieBremner.com


I use both a Mac and a PC on a daily basis but I do prefer my Mac. For me the Mac is easier to use with less daily maintenance and I love being able to just shut the lid and open it back up when I want to use it. I use my Mac for all of my daily business and my minor graphic design work. I use my PC for my Point of Sale at work and my major graphic design. My PC has way better hardware and can run multiple Adobe programs at once.

Kyle at LearnAMac


And my answer: I use a PC because that was what I started with years ago. I have often thought of changing to a Mac, but I have so much software for my PC and I don’t think I could use any of it if I switched. Also, I sometimes find software that is only available for the PC. My last reason to stay with what I have is the fact that I don’t have the time or energy right now to learn a new computer system.

When I read the other panel responses, I was a bit surprised that Kyle uses his PC for major graphic design rather than his Mac, since I thought the Mac excels at graphics. I’ll have to ask him about that and let you know.

Now it’s your turn. Do you use a Mac or a PC and why?
Please leave a comment and let us know.

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    I have to correct the spelling for the name of my Sony notebook. It should be my Sony Vaio. Sorry for this small blunder.

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