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PinterestThe last time I covered Pinterest on my weekly webinar, we talked about what Pinterest is, discussed boards and how to create them,  and general details about pinning and re-pinning.

This past Friday, the topic was more focused on Pinterest for business. We went over the points below and looked at my Pinterest business account.
Start by going to

Deciding what to pin:
Find out what people are pinning by going to a website address, so for example, I could type in  and by seeing what gets pinned and re-pinned, can do more of what people want.

Pinterest and Facebook:

  • to get a Pinterest tab for your Facebook business page
  • Can only do directly to Pinterest from personal Facebook account

Preparing Your Website:

  • Put Pinterest Pin It buttons on your images, products and web pages. Eg. if in real estate, put it below each listing.

Tips For Pinning:

  • Less is better – about 200 characters so people can skim
  • Focus on original content more than re-pins
  • Can link your content anywhere – direct to real estate listing, opt-in page, etc.
  • Can’t move pins to a new account – manually re-pin, then delete original boards.
  • The taller your pin, the more re-pins it gets. Always make taller than wider.
  • Put clever captions below your pin.
  • A Call to Action increases engagement by 80%.
  • Use links and prices in your Call to Action.
  • Pins with text will be re-pinned more often. Use

Examples of Pinterest Business Use:

  • Fantastic for authors, coaches, speakers, realtors, product sellers, and to build an email list.
  • About section is 160 characters and so important. Use your keywords, eg. real estate Kitchener, and it appears at top of your Pinterest page
  • Use Infographics to establish credibility. Create at
  • Checklists – incredibly popular on Pinterest, especially if downloadable.
  • Tutorials on any topic encourage people to want to do business with you.
  • Hubspot has over 12,000 Pinterest followers. They have one board for blog posts, one for free reports, one for webinars.
  • Pin an image for a free report and link to opt-in form to get the report.
  • An interior designer pinned How-to pins and multiplied her blog traffic.
  • Have a video board and pin your videos on it. One company went from 200,000 to 400,000 views in 5 days by doing that.

If you liked those tips, join me on Friday (or get the recording), when our webinar topic will be Twitter Tips. Click here to register.

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