Searching For My Meaning

As you may have noticed when I wrote the post wondering if I should retire or not, I have been searching these days for my purpose and meaning for this stage of my life. I turned 68 two weeks ago and those questions gather more steam as my days seem to be getting closer to their end. Yet none of us know how many days or years we have, so I should always be using my time wisely. I know that, but it sinks in more the older I get.

My father died the day before he turned 67, so I’ve been thankful for every year of mine since then. True, my mother is 92 and other than being more frail, she is still thriving. I love the photo of her below:

Grandmother with laptopMy Focus Is Becoming Clearer

I see how technology has been a useful way for her to share her experiences and her life through her blog and the books  that she has self-published and sold.

I’ve also realized how much potential each person has and how much their experiences can help all the rest of us. Including the potential within the ladies I meet as a volunteer at the women’s prison in town, or those seemingly lost souls at the homeless shelter.

I’ve learned so much from the people I’ve met, no matter what their age, or their past, or their mistakes. For that reason, I think my focus going forward will be “It’s Never Too Late”. As you can see from the tag line at the top of my website, it’s never too late to learn, to grow, and to be all we were meant to be.

Changes Going Forward:

Now that I’m getting clearer about my direction (and thanks so much to the dear ladies who emailed me with their encouragement, their prayers, and even Jeremiah 33:3), I will be changing some of the things I post about. There will still be some business tips and tools, but I’ll also be sharing good books I’ve read, key points from courses or workshops I’ve attended, and of course motivation and success stories to encourage you to never give up, to never think you’re too old, or that it’s too late. As part of that, I plan to launch a motivational podcast on Mondays, beginning in February.

One thing I felt conflicted about was all the training I’ve had about always having a Call To Action and something for people to buy. Sometimes that thought process hinders me from sharing my heart. So I’ve decided I will no longer have anything about purchasing products in my blog posts.¬† I may highlight a book title or other information and link to a website you can choose to visit for further information. Other than that, I will have a P.S. after my signature as you’ll see below.

I guess that’s all I have to report for now. I am also thinking about opening a women’s business incubator in town and the idea really excites me. It would allow marginalized women to drop in and mingle with successful mentors to help them move forward in their lives. A facility like that would take money as well as time and commitment, so right now I’m in the research phase. I would love any input you have.

All the best for your future and may your dreams become reality,

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