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aweberI know how important regular newsletters are to keep in touch with my customers. But finding time to write is the challenge. Sure, I could hire a ghostwriter, but I prefer to write my own information whenever possible. I’ve tried sending a newsletter out every week and actually kept it up for almost a year. Then I ran out of steam.

Because I use Aweber, I can still keep in touch with my subscribers on a regular basis. I have a schedule for posting to each of my blogs and have Aweber set to send out an automatic broadcast every time my blog is updated. Not only that, I have Aweber linked to my Twitter account, so a tweet is also sent mentioning my new post.

Although I’m still interacting, I’ve been feeling the need to send a newsletter on a regular basis as well. Monthly will probably fit my schedule best and since the blog updates will be sent too, should be enough. If I’m able to write a few months worth of content at once, I can load it all into my Aweber account and have the newsletters sent on schedule. That way I can write everything once and forget about it for awhile.

Thanks to programs like the Aweber autoresponder, it’s now easier than ever to contact the people that are interested in my products and services. How do you keep in touch with your clients?



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