Set Daily Goals

Finish LineIn order to visualize your accomplishments and stay encouraged, you need to set daily goals. These goals can be as simply as a follow up phone call or a written letter or email. Whatever the task is, get it done. In addition to keeping the process for your success on track, it will help you to feel like you are making accomplishments, pushing you closer and closer to the success. And don’t forget to cross the task off your list for the day!

One thing I find that helps me is to decide to do something for just 15 minutes. Then once I start, I usually do the task for longer than that.

Another trick is to beat the clock. Set a timer for the amount of time you think it will take to do a task and then try to finish before the timer goes off. The sense of competition seems to encourage me to work faster. How do you stick to your goals?

Carol Bremner

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