Using Hootsuite and the Hootlet

Hootsuite is an application that allows you to monitor your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts all from one dashboard. It saves me loads of time and so far I love it. There are also extra features such as the ability to send your messages now or later, stats to show how many readers clicked on links that you mentioned, and one click to shorten a URL or upload a file or photo.

One feature I use a lot is the Hootlet. I dragged it unto my Internet toolbar, where it sits waiting patiently. Then whenever I come across a website that would be of interest to others in my social network, I simply click the Hootlet. That action opens my Hootsuite account and automatically sends the site information out. I can choose to notify one or all of my networks, depending on the subject of the website. It’s a great way to quickly share with people and to become known as someone who keeps on top of current topics.

I try to log in to Hootsuite at least twice a day, morning and evening. That way I’m able to interact with people in different time zones. I re-tweet interesting comments, reply to questions, and share information that may benefit others. Rarely do I mention what I had for lunch. Unless I had something unusual or found a great new restaurant or recipe.

The popularity of social media hasn’t diminished and thanks to services like Hootsuite, I can keep up without spending all of my time tied to the computer. Have you tried Hootsuite yet?


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    • Mike
    • April 7, 2010

    I have tried Hootsuite a few times, awhile back, but after reading your post, I think I will give it another try. I had never considered the time zones before.


    1. Reply

      I know there are still parts of Hootsuite that I could be using more effectively than I do right now. I do update my LinkedIn more often now that I don’t have to log in separately and comment. Glad to hear I encouraged you to try again. Keep me posted on your progress.

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