Website Hosting Tech Support – Is Yours Easy To Contact?

HostGator Cpanel I’ve mentioned before that I host my websites on Hostgator and how much I like their service. After today, I more than like their service. I was updating this site a short time ago when for some reason all of my content disappeared. After my initial heart failure, I went straight to the chat feature for Hostgator’s tech support. There were two people in front of me in line, but my wait was less than two minutes.

I quickly typed my problem into the chat feature and the technician, Kervin, asked me to wait while he looked at the problem. Less than a minute later, my site was back to normal. There had been a problem with the WordPress database and he had repaired it. Then he took the time to explain to me how to fix it myself should it ever happen again.

With my former hosting service, I had to send an email if there was a problem and wait a day or so for the answer. I love the fact that I can chat to a Hostgator support person whenever I have a problem. I have a number of websites, all hosted with Hostgator for a low monthly fee. Add that to their excellent customer service and it’s no wonder I recommend them whenever I can.

Add info about why I decided to switch from Hostgator and am now with momwebs

When you have problems with your website, are you able to get help fairly quickly? Or are you hoping you’ll never need their tech support?


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